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About StorCase (History):
In 1989, the world's largest memory manufacturer, Kingston Technology launched a unique line of storage products for its customers. With the philosophy that quality products, close customer relationships, superior service and generous, comprehensive warranties inspire loyalty, Kingston's Storage Product Division (SPD) quickly earned the respect of storage customers worldwide. The rapid success of SPD led to the "spin-off" decision and in June of 2000 StorCase Technology, sister company to Kingston Technology, began business as a dedicated-storage company.

StorCase Technology, Inc. is a global company with offices servicing the U.S. and EMEA. StorCase is an ISO 9001 registered storage enclosure manufacturer with an excellent reputation for flexibility, reliability and providing top-quality products for a variety of interface technologies. StorCase enclosures support a wide range of applications, ranging from desktop to rack mount mass storage, with focus on the unique implementation requirements of Government, Audio/Video, Education and mid-size businesses.

Our Mission:

We pride ourselves in being Committed, Accountable,
Responsible and Empowered to develop reliable, quality
products and provide superior services through continual
process improvements that ensure employee, partner and
customer satisfaction.
Customer Service and Support:
Our customer service and support set us apart from other companies. We offer 24/7 "On-Call Service". The StorCase support team is dedicated to help customers resolve any technical issue that may occur with our enclosures and facilitate resolutions related to products installed inside of our enclosures. StorCase offers the best and longest warranties in the storage industry, up to seven-years for most of our products. As a stocking manufacturer, StorCase can ship most orders within 48 hours of receipt. Product Design & Reliability:
StorCase designs innovative, modular enclosures that are field upgradeable and serviceable. Our open architecture designs adhere strictly to industry standard specifications. This means that any StorCase product can be easily integrated with or into other products without compatibility concerns. Safest Place For Your Data
Storage professionals know that the well being of their data is dependent on the storage enclosure's power and signal quality management, thermal design and construction, including the ability to handle rotational vibration. All StorCase products include robust materials, undergo rigorous testing, and incorporate experienced design to assure excellent heat dissipation, superior cooling and maximum protection against rotational vibration; making StorCase enclosures the "Safest Place For Your Data". That's why InfoStation®, Data Express®, Data Silo® and other StorCase enclosures, became industry standards for business and mission critical applications in a variety of vertical markets, including state, local and federal government, medical imaging, video and sound editing, education and back office. StorCase "burns-in" and test products 100% prior to shipment. Although our products are platform independent, with connection by way of SCSI host adapter to any operating system, we insist on testing with the applicable drive(s) and/or controller(s) that may be involved in any given configuration prior to their release.

Call us anytime and experience the superiority of our products and services for yourself!

For questions or further assistance regarding the information above, contact your StorCase Product Specialist at:

USA and Canada: Tel (800) 435-0642 or (714) 438-1850
Caribbean, Central and South America: Sales (Ventas) Tel: +01-714-424-3941
Asia Pacific and Australasia: Tel +1 (714) 438-1850
Europe, Middle East and Africa: Tel +44 (0)1932 738900
Russia: + 7 (495) 647-0080
Or via Email at: info@storcase.com

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